Reverse The Arms Race
17.5 in HIGH x 22.625 in WIDE
(44.45 cm HIGH x 57.47 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"iilustration by Mark Vallen/Shock Battalion 4521 A Ban Nuys Blvd., Box 121 Sherman Oaks, Calif. 91403" printed in black ink at the bottom center. "Mark Vallen ''85" printed in gray at the bottom right corner.

Poster shows three people in a line (left two female, right male) holding signs with signs and banner in the background. Sign at left is in Spanish. Center sign reads "Reverse The Arms Race / Build A Just Society". Sign at right reads "Free South Africa / End Racism". All figures have a sad look on their faces. Across the bottom of the poster is black text reading "march & rally, Sat. April 20 - Los Angeles" followed by a Spanish translation. Second line reads "Assemble 11:00 at Olympic & Broadway - March on Broadway - Rally at City Hall 1:00". Spanish translation on third line. Verso has newspaper articles. On right is a continuation of an article titled "stop U.S. military intervention" from page 1 with a photo at the top left and two columns of text at the left. Right side of right page has a one column article titled "April actions". Left page is inverted and has an image of children performing at the bottom right with two columns of Spanish text above. A long article on the left also in Spanish.
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