I Jah
0 in HIGH x 0 in WIDE
(0 cm HIGH x 0 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Printed signature at bottom center in image: H. Dial 1989 (c)

Poster printed with black ink on white paper. The page has a wide unprinted outer border that frames a large illustration of a figure with a lion''s head on a black background. The lion figure''s eye sockets are white and its mouth is open showing fanged teeth. It wears a crown on its head and has human hands with pointed fingernails. A Star of David with a cross at center appears over its chest. A circular area of radiating lines is visible near the base of the lion figure that shows a group of four figures sitting on the ground in a circle. The figures face outward and wear turbans with Stars of David on them and bandanas over their mouths. The figure in front holds a scepter with a lion head at top. A figure with wings appears above the group and also behind the circular area at left and right. "I Jah" is printed at upper left.
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