International Migratory Bird Day 1999
18 in HIGH x 23.875 in WIDE
(45.72 cm HIGH x 60.64 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"(c) Carol Decker" pritned in black italics at the bottom right of the image. Black and white recycling logo at the bottom right and National Wildlife Refuge System logo at the bottom right, on verso.

Poster has a central colored image showing birds standing and flying around a marshy scene. A white border surround the image, with various logos across the top and three down on the left and right sides. Outside of the white border is a beige border all around with "International Migratory Bird Day 1999" printed in green across the bottom. Verso has black text printed on white paper with three columns of text at the top left titled "these lands are our lands, these lands are your lands..." followed by a map with lines extending out to images with associated numbers - the numbers are listed to the right of the map giving explanations. A thte otp right is a guide for identifying the birds on recto. At the bottom right is a list of sponsors with their biographies.
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