Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No
41.75 in HIGH x 29.25 in WIDE
(106.04 cm HIGH x 74.29 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left corner has: "435 Baez Girls".

Poster has a photograph of three young women seated on a couch looking straight ahead at the camera, overall. All three women are wearing hats; the two at right are barefoot. On the wall behind the women there is a violin at left, a framed print or painting at center, and a mandolin at right. The Top of the poster has the text: "Girls Say Yes / to boys who say NO". The bottom edge of the poster has the text: "Proceeds from the sale of this poster go to The Draft Resistance."

This controversial poster featured peace activist Joan Baez with her two sisters, Mimi and Pauline, enticing potential draftees to refuse conscription. The not-so-subtle message was seen as sexist by many in the new feminist movement. The landscape on the wall is Emmy Lou Packard's 1960 woodcut "Mendocino." [LMC]

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