Should the Animals Survive?
Late 20th Early 21st Century
24 in HIGH x 18 in WIDE
(60.96 cm HIGH x 45.72 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"George / Lithograph / Deisgn + Copy: Sackett Design, San Francisco / Printed In San Francisco By George Lithograph" is in the bottom center of the page.

Poster consists of yellow, gray, blue and black print on white paper. Along the top and bottom is a yellow triangle border with gray lines that connect from the triangle tips to the diamond in the center of the poster. Inside the diamond are two globes side by side with an animal border around them. In the background of the whole page are the silhouettes of animals. The text is in a triangle shape above and below the center diamond. The text is entitled "Should the Animals Survive?" and describes protecting animals by working against the use of animals for entertainment, experimentation and manufacture and gives contact information for the Animal Legal Defense Fund.
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