The Last Laugh
22.75 in HIGH x 17.5 in WIDE
(57.78 cm HIGH x 44.45 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Orlo bear logo centered at the top. "Chris Clarke" handwritten in blue ink on verso bottom near the center.

Poster has central cartoon with "The Last Laugh" at the top formed out of trees, logs and chain saws. Below the text in the cartoon are four figures holding signs in a line - the left and right are men with a bird and a fish in the middle. Rest of the poster has a black background with a white border. At the top is "Orlo In Cooperation With The Art Gym Presents". At the bottom of the poster is "An Exhibition of Cartoons from All Sides of the Timber and Environmental Debates" followed by a list of featured cartoonists. Date and time at the bottom left in a speech bubble. Location in a speech bubble at the bottom right. Centered at the bottom in a white bar is a number for more information. Verso quarterd - top left (inverted) has an image of a gallery with two columns of text; top right (inverted) has a comic with two columns of text below and a long column of text to the right; bottom left has advertisements and an area for mailing, with an address sticker; bottom right has another cartoon with boxes.
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