The Battle of Blair Mountain
16.875 in HIGH x 10.875 in WIDE
(42.86 cm HIGH x 27.62 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom of poster: "art: Chris Stain more posters: justseeds.org printed at stumptownprinters.com February 2007

Poster is printed on brown paper. Poster has two red horizontal bands. At the top is black text that reads: "The Battle of / Blair Mountain". Below the title is a block of black text that reads: "After years of inhumane living and working conditions, in 1921 the coal / miners of Appalachia answred the call to organize. The largest armed / uprising in US labor history. 12,000 workers from West Virginia, / Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio flooded Kanawha County, WV to set up / a union by force. Vehemently anti-union, a local sheriff and the coal / companies attacked the miners. Thousands of armed and angry miners / ruched into the luch hills and winding paths of Blair Mountain to / fight for the union. Federal troops were called in and the miners dis- / persed in order to avoid further bloodshed. At the time the struggle was / seen as a failure, but in retrospect the Battle of Blair Mountain led / directly to a much larger and stronger union movement". At the bottom of the poster is a group of coal miners with hankerchiefs around their necks and hats with lights on their heads. There are bullet hole designs scattered throughout the poster. At the very bottom is black text that reads: "Celebrate People''s History".
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