25.875 in HIGH x 12 in WIDE
(65.72 cm HIGH x 30.48 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"batik (c) 1983 Lisaa Kokin published by Inkworks - 1974-1984 - ten years of progressive printing" followed by the Allied Priwnting (Northern California)/Inkworks logo and "Okalnad" in black along the bottom of the poster.

Poster has a beige background with a thin green border .25" from the poster edge. Poster shows seven color illustrations - three rows of two and a final solitary photo at the bottom. Photos show, starting at top left - an elderly woman; a man in a hat; a man in a hat signing his vote in red; a woman listening to another woman''s heart with a stethascope; a female figure writing; a male sitting at a sewing machine; and a figure in a hat holding a gun. Across the bottom is a quote, in green, attributed to Ernesto Cardenal, Minister of Culture, Nicaragua Libre reading "it is against the darkness, this revolution... / and the beginning of everything that is to come." followed by "in solidarity with the peoples of Central America" in black.
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