What Happens in Nuclear War?
10.75 in HIGH x 16.75 in WIDE
(27.30 cm HIGH x 42.54 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Center of poster has a gray rectangular field with text: "What Happens in Nuclear War?" below this is a paragraph explaining six major points which are bolded in the text: "1. Blast", "2. Fireball", "3. Prompt Radiation", "4. Fallout Radiation", "5. Environment", and "6. Social Disorganization.". This central text is surrounded by 10 photos. Moving clockwise from the top left corner the first photo is of the face and shoulders of a man with disfigured skin, it has the text: "Flesh". The second photo is of an old man lying in bed with burns across his skin and the text: "Aged". The third photo is of the disfigured body of a human infant with the text: "Stillborn / Malformed". The fourth photo is of an Asian woman with palms pressed together squatting near a box full of human bones and the text: "Family". The fifth photo is of a set of eyes one of which is being pried open with some sort of instrument and the text: "Eyes". The sixth photo is of the charred remains of a human figure with the text: "Incinerated Boy". The seventh photo is of a human infant with a head wound and the text: "Baby". The eighth picture is of three children sitting on stairs with the text: "Small head syndrome. These three became bomb victims while in their mothers' wombs victims in / utero. Due to mental retardation, they look about 13, but are already 24 years of age". The ninth photo has a human figures lying in rubble and the text: "Cities / Homes / Child / Mother". The tenth photo is of a human torso with disfigured and swollen arms and hands with the text: "Arms". Verso has color photographs of a similar nature, and text under the heading: "What You Can Do To Stop Nuclear War".
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