Production and Reduction
16.8 in HIGH x 21.8 in WIDE
(42.67 cm HIGH x 55.37 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Verso bottom right corner has "Produced by the Wisconsin Department of / Natural Resources / Design: Moonlit Ink / Illustration: Brian Strassburg / Written and edited by: Natasha Kassulke, / Joel Stone and Shelley Heilman / _2002 Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine Wisconsin / Department of Natural Resources" as well as contact information for additional resources.

This is a two-sided, horizontally-oriented poster with an illustration of a building with all the rooms visible from the side. Blue text at the top of the page reads "Production and Reduction" followed by "Build a better business for a better tomorrow" in black below. There is a yellow border as well as a thinner, black and white border around the outside edge of the poster. The building is yellow and has 3 stories. Each room is full of people working. There is green grass outside. A paragraph of small, black text in the top right explains that "Product Production is what keeps a business running. Waste Reduction helps keep a / business profitable and a good neighbor."

Verso is black and white and has an explanation of waste reduction in each area of the building and surrounding environment.

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