Legalize Pot
34.625 in HIGH x 22.75 in WIDE
(87.95 cm HIGH x 57.78 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"(c)1970 Saladin Productions Los Angeles, California" in black at the bottom left corner. "All Rights Reserved" in black at the bottom right corner.

Poster has an unprinted white border all around enclosing a black background. Across the top of the poster in a yellow banner is "Legalize Pot" in pink. Below the banner are two stylized color images side by side - a man in front of lines of crops and a city with a rainbow over it saying "Sooner Or LAter People Must Realize". The image on the right shows the same man, with ling blonde hair and yellow bell bottoms, standing in a cluster of cannabis plants saying "There Is More To Living...Than Just The Rat Race...I Mean People". At the bottom is another image of the figure floating through fumes with his left hand forming a peace sign and his right hand holding marijuana, saying "Have To Get Up And Get Away From It All!!"
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