Cannabis Trading
35 in HIGH x 22.75 in WIDE
(88.9 cm HIGH x 57.78 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"(c) Copyright Bernley-Karp 1972 / L.A., Cal. 90013 / Printed In U.S.A." in black centered on the bottom edge. "b hanson" in black at the bottom right corner of the image.

Poster has unprinted white edges with a black border enclosing a stylized color image showing an old West-style structure with saloon doors and a horse parked out front. The building is designated "Cannabis Trading". A vulture sits on the roof and the window has advertisements for drugs. On the porch is a statue of a Native American with "Hemp" carved below. A man in a hat with an arrow through it is whistling while walking toward the building carrying a stack of gold bricks. At the bottom left a man with red hair, a cowboy hat and a blue shirt that reads "Kid Cocaine" smokes a joint with a Native American man with a feather in his hat. At the bottom right is an animal skull thinking "What A Way To Go". At the top right, a sun with a face looks at the trading shop. Behind the store, a blue car with the license plate "Funk" is parked with an outhouse a few yards away.
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