untitled (men with the tops of their heads cut off)
28.325 in HIGH x 22.5 in WIDE
(71.95 cm HIGH x 57.15 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Three columns of greenish text on verso bottom naming the title of the work, the artist, technique, date, original size, copyright information and other details in German, English and French.

Poster has unrpinted white borders at the left and right with a stylized image showing male figures at the center. The man at the fore has the top of his head cut off, revealing a figure on a horse. The man is wearing a monocle and a swastika tie pin while holding a sword and a mug of beer. At the left is a man wearing a tea cup on his head and holding a pencil German newspapers and a feather. At the right is a protly man with a moustache with the top os his head cut off, revealing a pile of poop. The man is holding a Netherlands flag and a German pamphlet. In the background is a man in a black robe and hat and a group of soldiers, one with a bloody sword.
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