The Mother
22.5 in HIGH x 17.625 in WIDE
(57.15 cm HIGH x 44.77 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"poem/copyright 1945 Gwendolyn Brooks Biskley. drawing/copyright 1970 by C. Bible." at the bottom of the speech bubble. "Charles Bible, Artist Copyright 1970 Lithographed By Afro-Arts, Inc. 37 West 20th Street, New York, New York 10011" in black centered at the bottom. "$2.00" handwritten in pencil on verso top right corner.

Poster has black ink printed on white paper. Across the top is "The Mother" in a speech bubble, which continues down the top center, filled with text from a poem about abortion. The speech bubble is coming from the lips of an African American woman at the right with her fist raised. At the bottom of the poster are illustrations of figures - a pregnant woman with a young child, a knife-weilding man, a yelling figure, a cluster of three heads, two mouths screaming and a hand holding a book with a cord that leads to a fetus.
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