See America. Find a Friend.
26.875 in HIGH x 21 in WIDE
(68.26 cm HIGH x 53.34 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"Exley 82 (c)" vertically down the left edge of the image at the bottom.

Poster has a black printed background. At the top is "See America. Find A Friend" in white followed by a black and white illustration of two men with moustaches - one in sunglasses and one without a shirt on. At the bottom of the poster is "With Bob Damron''s / Address Book ''83 / Bars-Baths-Restaurants-Disco''s-Hotels / Beaches-Publications-Points Of Interest / USA-Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands-Guam-Canada / Bob Damron Enterprises-P.O. Box 14-077 San Francisco California 94114 (415) 864-5040" in white. At the bottom right is "$9 / Plus $2 Postage & Handling" in white.
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