35 in HIGH x 23 in WIDE
(88.9 cm HIGH x 58.42 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has black and pink ink printed on white paper. At the top of the poster is an inverted pink triangle with black text reading "Sutter''s Mill Presents". Below the triangle is a black rectangle with "San Francisco''s Traditional / Gay Day Tea Dance / At The" in white, "Galleria" in pink and black and "101 Kansas" in white. Below the black rectangle is "June 24, 1984 4pm to Midnight" in black, "After The Parade, Sunday" in pink and a list of special guest artists, ticket information and a note about a drawing, all in black. At the bottom of the poster is a text box with a black outline filled with black text and flanked at the left and right by vetical rectangles with inverted pink triangles at the top and horizontal black lines at the center. In the text box are three columns - production credits and ticketing location. Centered at the bottom of the poster is information for the next event at the Galleria in black.
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