The Draft is a Form of Slavery On a Plantation Called War
24.25 in HIGH x 22 in WIDE
(61.59 cm HIGH x 55.88 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"Designed & Published By William Van Doren, 2803 Ocean Park Blvd., #82, Santa / Monica, California 90405, 213-478-6229. Copyright (c) 1980 By William Doren," in gray vertically down the right edge. Photo credits on each image - top left at the bottom left, top right at the top right, bottom left at the bottom right and bottom right at the bottom left. "Copyright (c) 1980 by Willian Van Doren" in black tot eh bottom right fo the central text.

Poster has red printed edges and a white and blue border enclosing four black and white images. Top left image shows a man waving a flag in front of soldier poised to shoot - at the top left is "Kent State, 1970" in white. Top right image shows a broken statue of a male figure - at the bottom right is "Micahelangelo / ''The Slave''" in white. Bottom left illustration shows an African American man on his knees holding up a chain - at the bottom left is ''The Appeal,'' Pre-Civil War" in gray. Bottom right image shows a line of soldiers walking - at the bottom right is "To Vietnam, 1968" in black and white. At the center of the cluster of images is "The Draft / Is A Form Of Slavery / On A Plantation / Called War" in black and white. In the white border is gray text reading "A Woman''s Right Is Exactly The Same As A Man''s: Not To Be Drafted As A Military Slave" across the top and down the top right/ Down the left side and across the bottom is "Neither Slavery Nor Involuntary Servitude, Except As A Punishment For Crime...Shall Exist Within The United States - Thirteenth Amendment".
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