"Let us not become the evil that we deplore" Barbara Lee
14.00 in HIGH x 11.00 in WIDE
(35.56 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower right corner of image has: "ML". Bottom edge of poster has a GCIU union label with: "(R) 32-M / Syracuse N.Y.". Bottom edge has the text: "Poster #P545CW SCW(c) 2002. Cut Paper (c)2001 Melinda Levine. Quote by the Very Rev. Nathan D. Baxter, Dean of Washington National Cathedral, 9/14/01; speech excerpts by Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D, CA) / Notecard and Postcard available. Syracuse Cultural Workers, Box 6367, Syracuse, NY 13217 USA 315.474.1132 FREE Fax 877.265.5399 www.syculturalworkers.org Printed by union labor on REAL recycled paper. 2/02". Lower right corner has a recycled logo.

Poster has a thin white border overall, border has the text: "Mr. Speaker, I rise today with a heavy heart, one that is filled with sorrow for the families and loved ones who were killed and injured / in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. September 11 changed the world. Yet I am convinced that military action will not prevent further acts of international / terrorism. Morse, one of the two lonely votes against the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, declared: 'I believe that history / will record that we have made a grave mistake.' Our greatest memorial to our fallen brothers and sisters will be a world of peace, tolerance and understanding". Body of poster has a photograph of a composition created with cut paper. The composition has stylized images of bombs and a passenger jet at top and flowers at bottom. The composition reads from top to bottom: " 'Let Us Not / Become / The Evil / That We Deplore' / -Barbara Lee / House Of Representatives, 9/11/01".
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