Shhh! Don't tell them they're learning.
30.5 in HIGH x 24.2 in WIDE
(77.47 cm HIGH x 61.47 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

There is a paragraph of small text beginning with "The Learning Company is a registered trademark" and ending with "_1990, The Learning Company" in the bottom center. "IBM/Tandy" is in the bottom left corner.

This poster depicts a group of children gathered around a computer and playing games. There are games and toys scattered throughout the room, which is decorated with streamers at the top of the page. Red text in the upper center reads "Shhh! / Don''t tell them they''re learning." White text in the bottom center reads "Get in on the fun! / experience the exciting next-generation of educational software." There is a red and white rectangle in the bottom right corner reading "The Learning Company".
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