Festival de Mujeres
35 in HIGH x 22.875 in WIDE
(88.9 cm HIGH x 58.1 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"1979 Women''s Graphics Collective 1226 W. Grace Chicago 60613" in green across the bottom edge.

Top of poster has a yellow/orange background with a green decorative border at the bottom. At the center is "Festival / De / Mujeres" in green. Surrounding the text are stylized black and white images of figures standing, dancing, playing, etc. At the top of the poster is "In Celebration Of What We As Women Have Done, Are Doing and Can Do" with the Spanish translation below, in green. Up the left edge is "Films, Art Exhibits, Food, Music, Crafts, Clowns, Historical Displays, Career Information", with the Spanish translation downt eh right edge, all in green. At the bottom of the poster is "Sabado 30 de Junto / 12:00-10:00pm" followed be the location at the left and sponsor to the right.
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