Hookers Ball 78
29 in HIGH x 23 in WIDE
(73.66 cm HIGH x 58.42 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster is divided in half vertically, with the right identical to the left. Each side has blue backgrounds with orange borders. At the top are two female figures with butterfly wings surrounding a circle with a yellow rock at the center. Above the rock is "Hookers / Ball 78" in white. Above the circle is a yellow banner with "Margo St. James / Presents" in black. Below the logo is "out of the cocoon and into the Cow Palace" followed by two columns of text down the rest of the poster, all in white. At the bottom right is an empty white box. Centered at the bottom is a quote by Groucho Marx: "how this elephant got into my pajamas I''ll never know." Poster verso has black ink printed on white paper. At the top are columns listing costume contest categories, the judges, prizes, event sponsors and a list of people who paid dues. At the bottom are boxes with business logos. Content is repeated on the right side.
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