Where do you find women's information?
33 in HIGH x 23.25 in WIDE
(83.82 cm HIGH x 59.05 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"design: Social design - Arnhem photography: H. Vroege" in white vertically up the right edge at the bottom.

Poster has a black printed background. At the center is a photo of a woman holding her arms out, with her hands splayed open and tinted blue with shapes of continents in various colors imposed over the top. At the top right is "Amsterdame, August 22-26, 1998" in white, with translations in purple and yellow. At the top left is "where / do / you / find / women''s / information?" in white, purple, and yellow. At the bottom left is the Know How logo. Across the bottom is "Know How Conference on the World of Women''s Information" in white, with translations in yellow and purple. Contact information is in white across the bottom edge.
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