The Dinner Party
35.875 in HIGH x 23.875 in WIDE
(91.12 cm HIGH x 60.64 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"(c) Through The Flower 1979" in black and "Poster Concept By Artist Judy Chicago - Structural Designer Peter Pierce, Synestructies, Inc. - Illustrator Carlos Diniz" in white along the bottom edge. "Perm / Housing / $6.50" handwritten in blue ink on two white stickers adhered on verso top right and bottom left.

Top of poster has a stylized image of a mountain. At the left is the exterior of the angular mountain, with small human figures walking below and a cloud at the top left. To the right is a cross sectional view of the mountain''s interior, which shows figures on the first level at a long table and a bookshelf, with figures walking on the second level, some looking over the edge. At the top right is a cross section of the cloud, revealing an inverted traingle. Across the top is "The Dinner Party" in a metallic silver color. The bottom of the poster is white at the left with red text and black at the right with white text. At the left are black and white images of figures walking around a multi-level building. At the right is a white illustration of people walking around the exterior of a building. The text at the bottom explains the artist''s vision for The Dinner Party and associated building. At the bottom is the name address for the Through the Flower Corporation, in black and white.
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