Arbor Day Poster Contest
Late 20th Early 21st Century
35 in HIGH x 21.875 in WIDE
(88.9 cm HIGH x 55.56 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"this poster was made possible by The Greenwich Workshop, Inc., in affiliation with Herlin Press, Inc. printed on Warren Gloss by S.D. Warren. / printed on recycled paper with soy ink, to show our concern for the environment." along with a Greenwich Workshop logo, all in black at the bottom left of the poster.

Laminated poster has a yellow printed background. At the top is a color illustration of a tree, with the left half revealing the interior of the trunk. At the top, left and right of the illustration is "Trees Are Terrific / Inside / And Out" in red and green. Throughout the image are black numbers in circles, associated with text surrounding the border of the image listing the positive contributions of tress - 1 Oxygen 2 Syrup Or Latex 3 Stop Erosion 4 Holds Soil 5 Leaves To Jump In 6 Shade 7 Umbrella From Rain 8 Fun On Swing 9 Fruit 10 Home For Animals 11 Food For Animals 12 Paper 13 Nuts 14 Lumber". At the bottom of the poster is "Arbor Day poster contest / National Winner / Dan Roberts - Memphis, Tennessee" in blue and contact information for the National Arbor Day Foundation in black.
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