Habitats Are Homes
22.5 in HIGH x 28.5 in WIDE
(57.15 cm HIGH x 72.39 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"prepared by Creative Network: design by Karen Caolwell, illustrations by Time Blough ATA 8286 Habitats are Homes 1991 American Teaching Aids, Minneapolis, MN" and "Firth Photobank: Will Regan (grizzly bear). (c) Green peace: C. Plowden (rain forest), Goddard (rain forest). Ned Skubic: (Pacific Northwest)." in white on the bottom edge at the left and right, respectively."ATA 8286 Habitats are Homes (c) 1991 American Teaching Aids Minneapolis, MN made in U.S.A." in black at the bottom of each verso section. List of ATA posters, writing credits, a note on copying and a barcode, all printed in black on verso bottom near the right.

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a brown background. At the left is a photo of a rainforest with white text at the top and a photo of the aftermath of a forest fire and an illustration of budding flowers at the bottom, both with associated white text. At the top right is an illustration of gray wolves in the snow, with black text at the left. At the right center is an image of coastal forest, with a circular inset of a grizzle bear, with white text in the brown background at the right. At the right bottom is an illustration of animals with antlers, with an oil rig inset at the top left, with white text on the brown background to the left. Across the top is "Habitats Are Homes" in white with red outlines. Poster verso designed as a teaching aid and divided into six sections (three columns/two rows) including (from left to right, starting at the top) - information about old growth forests, a teacher''s guide, an area for students to create their own poster, short answer questions about rain forests, answers to the questions, and information on and questions about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
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