Return to the Alps
35.75 in HIGH x 23.25 in WIDE
(90.8 cm HIGH x 59.05 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"Gerhard Klammet: Waxenstein and mountain meadow." in white to the bottom left of the image. "From: The Earth''s Wild Places, Published By The Friends Of The Earth, Les Amis De La Terre, Jordans Vanner, Amici De La Terra, Freunde De Erde, Amitis Della Tiara (c) 1971 #007 Mountain Meadow Distributed By Synergisms, 72 Townsend, San Francisco, CA 94107" and a phone number printed in white across the bottom edge of the poster.

Poster has a gray printed background. At the top is a color image of a green meadow with red and yellow flowers set below the tall Alps. At the bottom right of the poster is "return to the Alps" in white. At the bottom left is a five-line quote from David R. Brower in white.
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