Native American Heritage Month
27.875 in HIGH x 21.875 in WIDE
(70.8 cm HIGH x 55.56 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"distributed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service - Jackson, Mississippi - November 1998" in blue centered on the bottom edge. "conceptual design: James Willis final illustrations: San Biebers" in blue on the bottom edge at the right.

Poster printed on white paper. Centered at the top is "Native American Heritage Month / November" in blue followed by a stylized color image of the sun setting on a green park, with stars and two white North American Indian figures in the night sky. Over the image are other stylized images of figures playing sports, animals, a woman weaving a basket, a child and colorful baskets. Across the bottom of the image is "Nanih Waiya Mound State Park". Centered at the bottom of the poster is "lifetime of memories / in recognition of American Indian / Native Cultural Values" in blue. At the bottom left is a notice about the USDA and its stance on discrimination in blue. At the bottom right is a description of the artwork and what it depicts, also in blue. |
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