American Indian Center
28.5 in HIGH x 22.5 in WIDE
(72.39 cm HIGH x 57.15 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"Own / Sabre / (c)''78" in blue at the bottom right corner. "La Raza Silkscreen Center / 3174 - 16th St., (415) 863-5364 / San Francisco, CA. 94103" stamped in blue on verso bottom left.

Centered at the top of the poster is "American Indian School / San Francisco" in blue followed by a blue pipe with a circle at the center. The circle is divided into four equal sections - blue, yellow, red and white - with four feathers of the same colors hanging from the bottom. Down the left side are stylized blue images of human figures with colored bead/bone/feather jewelry. Down the right side are stylized blue image of animals - a buffalo, a bird and a horse. |
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