We Are All Children of Mother Earth
29.875 in HIGH x 21.625 in WIDE
(75.88 cm HIGH x 54.93 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau Of The Census / D3223C (I/AK)" and the Institute of American Indian Arts logo at the bottom left and right, respectively, with "''Generation Coups,'' Larry J. DesJarlais, IAIA Alumnus." at the center, all in blue.

Poster has a red/brown printed background. At the top is a blue shape of what appears to be four feathers tied together. In the feathers is a black and white image of a young woman posing with an older man. At the bottom of the poster is "We Are / All Children / Of Mother Earth / name your tribe, answer the census." in gray and blue. At the bottom left corner is the Census ''90 logo in blue. |
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