Who Will Listen and Remember
36 in HIGH x 24 in WIDE
(91.44 cm HIGH x 60.96 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"art by Camille LaCapa - Hopi Tewa Lac Courte Oreille" in white to the bottom left of the image. UWEC black and white logo at the bottom right of the image.

Poster is printed on white paper. At the top is a stylized color image of a woman with a feather in her hair and beaded necklace in a blue shirt and vest with a red textile wrapped around her waist. In the background in a green meadow, blue mountains and a light blue sky. At the top left is a red box with "who / will / listen / and / remember" in white, with "Anishinaabeg Of The / Great Lakes Region / Symposium on / history, culture and / contemporary / issues" in black between the lines of white text, extending down past the red box and onto the image. At the bottom left of the image is a list of sponsors in white. At the bottom right of the image is a yellow box with a quotation attributed to Ignalia Broker''s "Night-Flying Woman" printed in black. At the bottom left of the poster is a red background with white text reading "September 28 - October 1, 1999 / W.R. Davis University Center / University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire". At the bottom right is a blue background with white text listing contact information. |
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