How Drugs Reach the U.S.
22.75 in HIGH x 32.125 in WIDE
(57.78 cm HIGH x 81.6 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Printed in black on the bottom edge at the left and right: "Rand McNally Field Publications appreciates the materials and assistance provided by Rand McNally." and "copyright (c) 1990 by Field Publications. Weekly Reader is a federally registered trademark of Field Publications. created by Charles Cutler, editor; and / Maria Greco, designer. map by Greg Harris. photo reserach by Louise Augeri." Photo credits printed in black vertically up the lower outside edge of each image. "Source: Central Intelligence Agency" in black vertically up the right edge of the map, at the bottom.

Laminated poster printed on white paper with a stylized blue and orange map of the world with purple, green and red arrows indicating the flow of drugs into the United States. Across the top is "how drugs reach the U.S." in black. At the bottom left and right are color photos - a man in a cocaine farm, a man making cocaine, a Coast Guard ship regulating drug flow and a man sitting on a pile of marijuana bags. Below each image is a caption in black. At the bottom center are two columns of black text about drug movements. At the top right is the Weekly Reader and Map-a-Month logos.
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