Cut & Run
17.25 in HIGH x 11.00 in WIDE
(43.81 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Drawing of crutch has: "D. Minkler 04". Bottom edge center has the recycled symbol and an Allied Printing union label with: "147 Inkworks".

Poster has a white border overall. Background of poster is white and teal with purple and orange shapes. Top of poster has the text: "GI Rights Hotline / 1-800-394-9544". Below is a stylized drawing of a skeleton holding a crutch as if it were a rifle, here is smoke rising from the end of the crutch. The forehead of the skeleton has the text: "FTA". Below the poster has the text: "Cut & Run / In an immoral war, it's the moral thing to do. / Troops and families are resisting by: / - Forming new anti-war groups of active duty GIs, their families, and vets (with websites) / - Talking and writing to each other - Demonstrating and speaking out against the war / - Sending letters and e-mails to newspapers, websites, chat rooms, etc. / - Applying for Conscientious Objector status / - Refusing illegal orders - Deserting / Poster Sponsored by / Veterans for Peace - Chapter 69 - (415) 255-7331". This version of the poster has room at the bottom for additional local information. [LMC]
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