Cannabis Freedom Day
17 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(43.18 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"JRS 04" in green at the left center. Recycling and Allied Printing (#147, Northern California) printed in black at the bottom left corner. "(c) Jim Swanson, 2004" in black at the bottom right corner.

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a pale green background. At the top is "Fifth Annual / Cannabis Freedom Day / This Weed Is Legal & Tender" in black and yellow. Below the text is a stylized image of San Francisco City Hall with people in front smoking. In the fore is a medical cannabis garden" with an Amrican flag pathway. In the background is a foggy city skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge and a marijuana leaf in the sky. At the top left and right is the date and time. At the bottom left and right are marijuana leaves and two marijuana joints, with a third at the center. Below the image is "San Francisco Civic Center" in yellow followed by green text starting with "It''s About Unity In The Cannabis Community" followed by guests and production information.
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