Create an Ideal Society
17 in HIGH x 11 in WIDE
(43.18 cm HIGH x 27.94 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

"(c) 1976 World Plan Executive Council - U.S. all rights reserved / Transcendental Meditation, TM, Science of Creative Intelligence, SCI, and World Plan, are service marks of WPEC - US, a nonprofit educational organization / printed in U.S.A. by MIU Press, U4-1490-576." printed in black on the bottom edge at the left. "295" handwritten in pencil on verso top right. "TD 17 12 18 25 / BcB / A8 20 76 29 42" handwritten in black ink on verso bottom right edge.

Poster has a light green background with white designs. At the top is "Create / An / Ideal / Society" in green. At the center is a color headshot of a man at the left and "everyone is invited / to join together in / a practical program / to eliminate problems / and create order / and balance in / the society. / Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Science / of Creative Intelligence and the Transcendental / Meditation program." in blue. At the bottom is "Transcendental / Meditation" in green, "a systematic program for the full development of the individual and society" in blue, "Come And Learn" in red, "make your local center the Capital of the Age of Enlightenment - / the centers of inspiration for knowledge and action, progree and fulfillment for the whole community" in blue, "Free Introductory Lecture" in red and the date/time, location and phone number stamped in blue ink.
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