L.S.D. Manifesto
22.125 in HIGH x 14.5 in WIDE
(56.2 cm HIGH x 36.83 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has black text printed on white paper with a black dashed line border with scissor graphics at the top left and right. Near the top in bold is "L.S.D. Manifesto (2)". Text, starting at the top, reads "Q: do you think that you are being hara / ssed for your unorthodox beliefs? / Leary: I don''t use the term ''harassment / ,'' and I have no paranoid theories abou / t conspiracy. the game I am involved in / is set out with exquisite precision. wh / at I am doing has been done to people i / n every generation in the past. it''s li / ke the Harvard-Yale game. it''s played o / out every year. now, Harvard isn''t haras / sing Yale. the game between those who k / now that man can change and become divi / ne in this lifetime and want to teach p / eople how to do it completely threatens / the establishment. / in every generation / you say, ''no, it''s all been done and se / ttled, and just get your good lawyer-pr / iest and do what we tell you to do.'' an / d this dialogue between the establishme / nt and the utopian visionaries will ine / vitably exist in every historical era. / it''s played fairly. the fact that they / want to hound me out of existence is ri / ght. they should, just like the Harvard / defensive team wants to throw the offen / sice quarterback for a loss. I have no / complaint about this; I''m perfectly goo / d-humored about it. the more energy tha / t is directed against me, the more ener / gy that is available for me. it''s the p / erfect physical law of jujitsu - the mo / re government and professional establis / hment dynamism that is set off against / what we''re doing is just a sign to us t / hat we''re doing fine. / (To Be Continued) / The Performing Garage (1984)".
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