Transform Our City
21.75 in HIGH x 16.50 in WIDE
(55.24 cm HIGH x 41.91 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Top edge of poster has the text: "emergency response to the start of war". Below this at left is a large image of an oil drum with a view of tall buildings from a city street in the background. The oil drum has the text: "Globalize / Justice / Not / Toxins / No War / In Iraq". The top of the image has the text: "Transform / our city / from profit and war to life and resistance". The bottom left corner of the image has the text: "7:00am / morning of the next / business day after / the day of war / mass march". To the right of this image is a small image of the flowering buds of a tree or bush and the text: "don't go to work or school / form and affinity (action) group / head downtown Bring / friends, music, art, performance & / food to share / join/create an ongoing / transformation/occupation or / meet at Market and Main , / Embarcadero BART, San Francisco / Goals of this action: / 1 if the government and corporations / won't stop the war, we'll shut down / the warmakers! We will impose real eco- / nomic, social, and political costs and stop / business as usual until the war stops. / 2 assert our power to transform our / from profits and war to resistance / and life! We will create an open welcoming / space that gives voice to the antiwar majority as / an assertion of real democracy. / 3 Uproot the system behind the war. / We will help catalyze mass movements to chal- / lenge corporate and government power and / create socially just, directly democratic ecolog- / ical alternatives / Planning Spokescouncil / for individuals & affinity groups / every Monday evening / Feb.10 & 24, 7PM, New College, 777 Valencia, SF / Feb.17, 7PM NION office, 1611 Telegraph, Oakland / (please call voicemail to confirm locations)". Right edge of poster has the text: "A Call For Mass Nonviolent Direct Action". The bottom of the poster has a small drawing of a crowd of stylized human figures standing around a city or collection of buildings with an electrical socket. The crowd of figures is holding a plug and a banner that reads: "Stop the War". The bottom of the poster has the text: "Direct Action / to Stop the War / voicemail: 415/820-9649 / http://www.actionagainstwar.org/". Poster is composed of two sheets of paper taped together.
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