Los Tratados de Libre Comercio
Late 20th Early 21st Century
22.25 in HIGH x 17.5 in WIDE
(56.51 cm HIGH x 44.45 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has a blue printed background. At the top is "Los Tratados de Libre Comercio / empobreseran mas / a Guatemala" in yellow, orange and green. At the center is a multicolor stylized illustration of a figure chained to the shape of Guatemala, with a "pueblo" sign hanging from his neck. The chain is being held above the nation by a vulture with "TLC" on his neck. Surrounding the illustration are other color illustrations with Spanish text above or below, showing issues like drought, malnutrition, etc. At the bottom is "!no a la ratificacion de TLC!" in white with a Mesa Global De Guatemala logo.
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