Methods Used by US Aircraft to Release Round - Shaped Steel - Pellet Bombs
21.25 in HIGH x 15.25 in WIDE
(53.97 cm HIGH x 38.73 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom edge right has: "Commision for Investigation of the US imperialists' war crimes / in Viet Nam / 5-1969". As well as text in French and Vietnamese.

Top of poster has the text: "Methods Used By US Aircraft To Release Round - Shaped Steel - Pellet Bombs" . Above this is text in Vietnamese and below is text in French. The poster has two diagrams. The diagram on top has a drawing of a village at center, as well as stylized drawings of air craft and bombs, there are dashed lines that indicate the trajectory of the aircraft and when the bombs are dropped/ release their payload. The image of the village has an array of small black dots drawn over top of it that are being emitted from one of the bombs. The diagram is accompanied by the text: "Dive Bombing" and "From 800 - 1000", each line of text has text in Vietnamese above and French below. The diagram at the bottom of the poster has a slightly larger drawing of a village with similar dotted lines and stylized aircraft at left. This village also is being hit with an array of small black dots released from a bomb. There are also several dashed lines with the text: "800-1500m", "200-250m", and "800 - 1000m". The right side of the diagram has a horizontal red line and three of the stylized aircraft in a row above it along a dashed line with bombs that are emitting little black dots. Below the red line is a dashed line with the text: "3000-4000". The upper right corner of the diagram has the text: "Fly Past Bombing" and From 800 - 1500m altitude". Each line of text has text in Vietnamese above it and in French below it.
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