Calvin Simmons Ancient Hip Hop Symphony
Circa 1997
12 in HIGH x 24 in WIDE
(30.48 cm HIGH x 60.96 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Calvin Simmons Ancient Hip Hop Symphony / Acrylic mural on stucco, 30'' x 160'', at Calvin Simmons Middle School, 2101 35th Avenue, Oakland, California / Calvin Simmons Ancient Hip Hop Symphony / The East Bay Institute for Urban Arts and Laney College Students: Aaron Angress, Madeline Bair, Brandon Day, Chris Davis, Shoshana Den-Macker, Chris Durazo, Fantumex (x), Michelle Garcia, Juan Hernanadez, Sophie Hou, Ivan Iturriaga, Chi Kong, Joanne Ludwig, Safari, Melissa Silver, David Telles, Lisa von Blanckensee, and Dorian Wells, (c) 1997. Project directeed by Juana Alicia. / The East Bay Institute for Urban Arts is a non-proft organization working for social transformation through the arts. We create commissioned artworks which support community based organizations in campaigns for social justice, provide high school and college-level programs for young artists involved in community change, and we are a national clearinghouse for information on such projects. For more information on Urban Arts, please call 510-652-5300, fax 510-653-0183 or write us at 420 40th St #2, Oakland, CA 94609. Email: urbanarts@aol.com A portion of the proceeds from these posters has been donated to Calvin Simmons Middle School to support its instrumental music program.

Poster supporting the East Bay Institute for Urban Arts, with a large color photograph of a mural on the side of Calvin Simmons Middle School in Oakland, California. The mural includes images of the night sky, planets, constellations, zodiac, musicians, a pyramid, and ancient ruins. Below the mural is a description of the program, a poem, and credits.
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