21.25 in HIGH x 16.25 in WIDE
(53.97 cm HIGH x 41.27 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

A rule of thumb of revolutionary politics is that no matter how opprossive the ruling class may be no matter how impossible the task of making revolution may seem the means of making that revolution are always near at hand. / Year of the Heroic Guerrilla / Guerrilla Free Newspaper of the Streets, Volume Two, Number 3 San Francisco 1968 / "Our purpose in entering the political area is to send the jackass back to the farm and the elephant back to the zoo." / Eldridge Cleaver for President / Minister of Information / Black Panther Party

Poster with black text on white background containing Guerrilla, the Free Newspaper of the Streets, Volume Two, Number 3. Front is a political poster for Eldridge Cleaver for president. Verso has articles about Cleaver, the Black Panther Party, and the Guerrilla movement.

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