The Wheel of the Law Turns Without Pause...
21.75 in HIGH x 16.75 in WIDE
(55.24 cm HIGH x 42.54 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left corner has: "Ho TCP-6 (c) 1970 Su Negrin" and a illegible union bug. Bottom of right edge has: "Graphics: Su Negrin" and a smal rectangluar logo with: "Times Change Press / 1023 Sixth Ave. N.Y.C.".

Poster is printed with a stylized photomontage overall. At left in red is an image of Ho Chi Minh and a small red "smiley face", Just below this is the text: "The wheel of the law turns / without pause. / After the rain, good weather. / In the wink of an eye / The universe throws off / its muddy clothes. / For ten thousand miles / the landscape / spreads out like a beautiful brocade. / Light breezes. Smiling flowers. / High in the trees, amongst / the sparkling leaves / all the birds sing at once. /Men & animals rise-up reborn. / What could be more natural? / After sorrow, comes happiness. / Ho Chi Minh". At right in yellow is a stylized photographic image of a neoclassical building and the text: "Demonstration at the Justice Dept., demanding immediate withdrawal from Vietnam, the / end of the Chicago Conspiracy trial, and the release of Bobby Seale.... Washington, D.C., / Nov. 15, 1969".
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