untitled (AIDS marathon)
18.25 in HIGH x 12.25 in WIDE
(46.35 cm HIGH x 31.11 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Printed on the lower right edge: "(c) 2005 Walk The Talk Productions, Inc."

Color poster for the 2005 National AIDS Marathon. At the top left is a color photo of a beach, with "Destination: / Honolulu / Hawaii" in black, white and yellow over the top. At the left is a hula dancer statuette. The bottom left is yellow with "the National AIDS Marathon Training Program / is geared to both beginners and experienced / runners. it combines running and walking to / prepare you to complete a marathon." with beneficiary information, all in black. Through the center is a strip of blue with "aidsmarathon.com" in yellow and white. At the top right is a red, black, white and yellow training program logo. The right edge is green with "in six months, / we can train / you to / complete the / Honolulu / Marathon." with a number for more information and 2005 deadlines, in yellow, white and black.
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