The Moment of Truth : Terror Tuesday
17.50 in HIGH x 22.75 in WIDE
(44.45 cm HIGH x 57.78 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom left corner has "Photos on these pages other than those otherwise credited are by William J. Warren." The top edge has "Page 8 Berkeley Barb Oct. 20-26."

Poster has 13 black and white photos of a protest. The top reads, "The Moment of Truth Mild Monday Terror Tuesday." Each photo depicts police lines or protestors with captions. The captions read from top clockwise: Joan Baez, The Briefing, The sitting, Cock O' the Walk, Mimi Farina, The Burning, The waiting ... But why?, Final Sweep, Have some mace, ace?, Contra Pluribus Unum." Seven protestors stood trial after the Stop the Draft Week mass arrests Tuesday, October 17, 1967 at the Oakland, California induction center. "Terror Tuesday" was a term coined by the Berkeley Barb but never reached broad usage. [LMC]
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