Amazing $1 Art Offer
c 1970
18.25 in HIGH x 25.00 in WIDE
(46.35 cm HIGH x 63.50 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Lower right corner of printed field has text hand written in ink: "To one who / Knows / Ron Woods".

The lower left portion of the poster is printed with a rectangular field of blue and red, with white text, the shape resembles that of the American Flag. The smaller blue portion of the field has the text: "Filed with misgivings about the War in Vietnam / and the violence in US cities distemper infects an / already cantankerous congress Power To The / People!!! Does the publics right to protection cancel out / the public employee's right to strike in times / past the impression of drift and disarray in the Nation's / capital Women's Lib The American public is in a / Restive, Unpredictable mood for the people$$Apaper thin / Voice is a powerful persuader??? / That to deny these right is an outrageous discrimination / which leaves a minority of us at / the mercy of.....Love???Burial Insurance $250.00 / of the people $?%Political process and is Equal almost / to subversion and treason The Racist dog policemen / must withdraw immediately from our communities, cease / their wanton Murder and Brutality and Torture / of Black people or face the wrath of the Armed People!!! / ???Freedom??? Acurious situation has / developed in America 80%0f the people in this / country live on Less than 10%of the Land area. / ...There used to be a good reason for this???? / by the people%$??l Pledged A....... to the / Rag for which it stand... / Ralph william The public is deliberately endangered". The larger red area has the text: "Amazing $1 Art Offer / A Trail of Heart Break / Do Unto Others... / America's Black Guerrillas / Gifts for the family / Two men with a slick / Idea worth $2.5 Million / If You need extra / money and you know just 10 / people / Over a Trillion dollars has been spent by / the Military since WW II / Truth and Soul is a Breath of Fresh Air Only / 20% Off Buy one and get the other for 1? Human Embryos in the Laboratory / Auditory illusions and Confusions / You might be starting a better Job Today".
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