KSAN: What was that?
21.25 in HIGH x 14.25 in WIDE
(53.97 cm HIGH x 36.19 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom right corner has "Kelley - Mouse" in black.

Poster has a blue background with a large red, yellow, orange and black swirl design border. At the top is a green scarab with two outstretched wings. At the bottom center is a radio dial tuned to FM 95. In the middle is text in bubble lettering and different colors. Poster reads, "KSAN/ What Was That?/ Or Suddenly Lost Summer Noon to Midnight/ Jan 31/ Feb 1/ 1966 1976." Bottom edge has small white text that reads, "From noon to midnight saturday January 31 and Sunday Feburary 1 KSAN invites you to tune in for an acid-drenched flashback to the summer of love. featuring remembrances of those turned on days when all things were possible and little was probable; complete with interviews, un-released music, and horrifying shocks of recongnition. Join us for the highs, the lows, and the long in-betweens. Be there or be square. KSAN-FM 94.9."
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