Armed Farces Day
25.00 in HIGH x 19.25 in WIDE
(63.50 cm HIGH x 48.89 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Verso bottom right has "2.00" written in graphite.

Poster has an image of Mickey Mouse wearing a military helmet at center surrounded by a circular border. An eagle appears at top left holding a shield with the initials MDM. The poster reads, "The United States Military Power Structure and Movement for a Democratic Military Cordially Invite You to Attend / Armed Farces Day / Support the G.I. Movement / Free the Fort Ord 40,000 / Speakers / Music / Saturday, May 16, 1970 / 10:00 A.M.: Arrive at Fort Ord / Angela Davis, Misha Masuire / 1:00 P.M.: Congregate for / For Further Information / March at El Estro Ave. Monterey / Call M.D.M.: 549-2172. This was a national combined effort of antiwar activists, both civilian and in the armed forces, to raise awareness of the issues. This event was held at Fort Ord, California, where there was a bomb threat and troops were put on riot control alert. [LMC]
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