Earth's Ten Commandments
22.00 in HIGH x 14.12 in WIDE
(55.88 cm HIGH x 35.88 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Bottom edge of poster has: "Text (c) 1990 Ernest Callenbach - Illust. (c) 1990 David Lance Goines - Cellestial Arts, Box 7327, Berkeley CA 94707 / DG-2 printed on 50% Recycled Paper Printed In The United States Of America". The lower left corner of the drawing has: "David / Lance / Goines / 1900".

The top of the poster has a large drawing and text in the style of a lino-cut. The top edge of the poster has the text: "Earth's". Just below is a square stylized drawing of a ram in the background are flowering plants with fruit. Just below the drawing is the text: "Ten Commandments". The bottom of the poster has a small drawing of a squirrel with a nut and the text: "I Thou Shalt Love And Honor The Earth / For It Blesses Thy Life And Governs Thy Survival. / II Thou Shalt Keep Each Day Sacred To The Earth / And Celebrate The Turning Of Its Seasons. / III Thou Shalt Not Hold Thyself Above Other Living Things / Nor Drive Them To Extinction / IV Thou Shalt Give Thanks For Thy Food / To Creatures And Plants That Nourish Thee. / V Thou Shalt Limit Thy Offspring / For Multitudes Are A Burden Unto The Earth. / VI Thou Shalt Not Kill / Nor Waste Earth's Riches Upon Weapons Of War. / VII Thou Shalt Not Pursue Profit At The Earth's Expense / But Strive To Restore Its Damaged Majesty. / VIII Thou Shalt Not Hide From Thyself Or Others / The Consequences Of Thy Actions Upon The Earth. / IX Thou Shalt Not Steal From Future Generations / By impoverishing Or Poisoning The Earth. / X Thou Shalt Consume Material Goods In Moderation / So All May Share Earth's Bounty.". Goines #143 poster. Text by Ernest "Chick" Callenbach, author of "Ecotopia". [LMC]
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