The Mathers' views of the North American Wilderness
30.00 in HIGH x 22.25 in WIDE
(30.00 in HIGH x 56.51 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has a gray background that fades from dark to light. On the left is a large figure in 17th centurty clothing standing on top of animals with large canines. On top of the figure's head is another figure and between its legs is thrid figure. The top figure is labeled Richard, the large figure is "InCrease" the third figure is "Cotton." The lower right has a figure in light red in the stocks with onlookers and is labled "Jerry." The upper left has small black text. It begins, "The Mathers' views of the North American wilderness was one of satanic menace. The Puritans )or Saints) landing in Plimoth was an invastion into the Devils' own territory. In the mides of this wilderness the puritans intended to build a "City on the hill" This Puritan utopia would beome a beacon to the rest of the world."
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