United Resistance Fund
c. 1970
19.88 in HIGH x 13.00 in WIDE
(50.48 cm HIGH x 33.02 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

Poster has a border or small dots. The left edge has the text: "United Resistance / Fund". The lower left corner has the text: "Dance, Dec. 16 / (rock & soul / 2677 Mission St. / admission $1.00 / information Call 282 3365". Top of the poster has a drawing with three concentric circles with the head of a monkey at their center, the head is also the dot of a large question mark. The drawing has the text: "Support Your Local / Benefit". Below is a drawing of human eyes and nose with two text bubbles: "But My Task Is / Not Finished!", "Somehow.. I Must / Stop These Creatures / From Menacing / Paradise Island!". The bottom of the poster has a drawing of a small rectangular tank with a rat drinking from a water bottle, there is a second rat that appears to be falling into the tank.The first rat has been hand colored. The lower right corner has a drawing of a human hand holding a chain and the text: "eye".
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