Eco Echo #2
c. 1971
17.69 in HIGH x 22.69 in WIDE
(44.93 cm HIGH x 57.63 cm WIDE)
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

One poster with red, black and white tones. Poster contains an outline of a house with images of a child, food, a mattress, a man reading a newspaper in front of a fireplace, a woman in front of a mirror, a kitchen, garbage cans, and a washing machine. There is text and an image in each room. Beneath the house are seven interconnected circles in a line. Each circle has an image (fossils, bug, tree, sky, ocean, and a food pyramid) and text beneath it and in the space where the circles connect. The poster is about the pollution and over consumption of human beings and the need for conservation and recycling. The verso side has a quote, paragraphs and a poem about the interdependence of all species on Earth and the damage humans are causing the Earth in red brown. At the bottom center is "Eco Echo #2, Bay Area Institute...San Francisco."
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